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Forest Hayes for Catoctin Supervisor

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James Forest Hayes

James Forest Hayes was raised in St. John Baptist Church in Gary, Indiana and he can trace his heritage back as far as a family farm near Green Grove Baptist Church in Whitesville, TN and the cotton fields of Mississippi. As the son of a US Postal Worker and the grandson of US Steel factory worker, young “Jimmy” learned the meaning of hard work and the concept that life would be “hard but fair,” at a very early age. As a man, Forest Hayes draws upon his working class background and deep faith for strength as he seeks to provide a “fair shot” for all Americans.

These are the Issues
Facing Loudon County

  • Route 15

    Catoctin is demanding safer roads, especially Route 15. Our scenic byway has now become congested with daily traffic and deadly accidents.

  • Land Preservation

    I fiercely believe that land preservation is an ideal worth fighting for, and I will demand that the county’s Conservation Easement Program be fully funded for eligible landowners.

  • Small Western School Modernization

    My two children, Ella and Brayden, attend Loudoun County Public Schools. So unlike some other candidates, I have skin in the game when it comes to fighting for our small schools.

  • Workforce Housing

    Loudoun County desperately needs an affordable housing and development strategy.

  • Rural Broadband

    The richest county in America should not have worse internet access than that of many third-world countries.