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  • Route 15

    Catoctin is demanding safer roads, especially Route 15. Our scenic byway has now become congested with daily traffic and deadly accidents. I will make sure that the county builds shoulders along Route 15 so that our law-enforcement and emergency medical teams can safely provide services. Shoulders should not be high-speed asphalt which encourages aggressive driving, so use other material which provides safety, not speed.

  • Land Preservation

    I fiercely believe that land preservation is an ideal worth fighting for, and I will demand that the county’s Conservation Easement Program be fully funded for eligible landowners. The plan would have the county government help pay the up-front cost of putting land under conservation easements, a cost that runs into the tens of thousands of dollars between appraisals, financial and legal services.

  • Small Western School Modernization

    My two children, Ella and Brayden, attend Loudoun County Public Schools. So unlike some other candidates, I have skin in the game when it comes to fighting for our small schools. Our education system is the foundation of our community and I will not stand by idly while our kids are forced to learn in hallways and unsecured trailers.

  • Workforce Housing

    Loudoun County desperately needs an affordable housing and development strategy. We must help those who work and sacrifice every day for our county to live here, especially our teachers, policemen, and firefighters. Over the course of my professional career, I have overseen the delivery of 6,000 units of affordable housing. Loudoun County must diversify its housing stock.

  • Rural Broadband

    The richest county in America should not have worse internet access than that of many third-world countries. In western Loudoun, our residents have no universal access to broadband or cell service. These are basic necessities that every member of our community deserves access to.

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